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Richard Brener brings over 23 years of big law firm experience to a more individually focused boutique practice. Hearkening back to the days of the approachable town lawyer, the office aims to bring the quality of practice you would find at the top firms in the world to the legal issues and problems faced by everyday people. Read More...


scalesDisputes can arise and they are handled in courts of law. Richard Brener is an experienced litigation attorney admitted to the state and federal courts in both Florida and California. It is often true that a business solution is far superior to a litigated solution and Richard Brener has great experience in negotiating and documenting settlements. However, if you have to go to trial, Richard Brener will be there to represent you every step of the way. Even after trial, if need be, Richard Brener can prosecute or defend your appeal. He has brought and argued appeals at both the state and federal levels.

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handshakeOpportunity knocks. But with opportunity often come legal issues. Richard J. Brener, PLLC provides a full range of deal negotiation and contract drafting or review services. After over 20 years as a litigator, Richard Brener has seen all the mistakes parties can make when entering a deal. By having an experienced attorney guide you through the negotiation and contract drafting process, you can avoid many of the pitfalls that doom great deals and can lead to litigation.

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